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Faith Deficit

Jun 5, 2018

Rabbi Yossi Sapirman is one of the most compelling and influential Rabbis in North America today. He believes the role of Living Jewishly is to take “the traditions of Jewish spirituality and translate them into very contemporary messages”. This approach empowers individuals to embrace the Jewish narrative in a very personal and relevant way. Innovative programming, unconventional thinking, caring and warmth are hallmarks of his success and popularity.

Rabbi Yossi is also the Senior Rabbi of Beth Torah Congregation, a synagogue that transformed into a hub of dynamic and progressive Judaism under his 18 years of leadership.  Young and old alike find his style and enthusiasm to be a breath of fresh air as he makes Judaism relevant and enjoyable.

In this episode, Josh and Rabbi Yossi discuss their personal history, the Rabbi's unconventional career journey, and how to interpret the Torah in a modern world.