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Faith Deficit

Mar 27, 2018

Our guest today is the wonderful Fara Tabatabai. Fara is counsel in Hughes Hubbard and Reed’s New York office and was one of the youngest lawyers in North America to pass the bar exam. Her practice focuses on complex commercial, products liability, securities, and employment litigation and arbitration.

Ms. Tabatabai is also committed to providing quality pro bono legal services. She has received several awards for her pro bono work, including two Legal Aid Society awards for her role in litigation against New York State to increase housing subsidies for low-income families and a Commitment to Justice Award for her work on an immigration case for Her Justice, an organization that provides legal services to low-income women.

Ms. Tabatabai currently serves as Vice President of the Iranian American Bar Association’s New York Chapter and as a Member of the Corporate Leadership Committee of the New York Women’s Foundation.

In this discussion, we talk about pretending for family, the importance of talking about secretive issues, and the motivation that comes from having a child.